Warhorses of Letters

A gay, equine, military, epistolary romance for the ages

Why don’t you?

Why don’t you switch off your computer and– No, wait. Everything I am going to mention is on your computer.

I want EVERYONE who has written anything on their blog or twitter about Warhorses of Letters to know that we appreciate it. You would have to have been spectacularly low-ranked by Google for us not to have found you. Does that make us narcissistic? Or does it mean we care what people think and are keen on making things better if we can? Who knows. We certainly liked someone getting the Flashman reference.

Anyway, episode two is tonight. We hope you like it. Before it airs, we are doing an interview with So So Gay. Horse and Hound? Are you out there?

Oh, one other thing: we’re on the recommended list for an Anthropomorphic Fiction award. Didn’t know there was such a list. Excellent.

One response to “Why don’t you?

  1. PeteTheHorse November 1, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    2 minuets to go until episode 2!!!! I’m waiting for it yearningly, yes yearningly! This programme is now the highlight of my week!

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