Warhorses of Letters

A gay, equine, military, epistolary romance for the ages

pretty pictures

Someone pointed out that we haven’t put a picture up of the print you can buy alongside the book. This is the picture. Isn’t it great?

***NB*** It is, as the place you can buy it makes clear but we inexcusably did not until put right by various important artists who follow us, by the brilliant Tom Sears.

Someone else pointed out that we hadn’t clearly pointed out that we are publishing via the excellent crowdfunding site Unbound, and we therefore need people to sign up in advance. We have made an enticing video to entice you. And if you pledge, there is more video in the members’ area (‘shed’) and there will soon be even more video than that and a song. The best question so far is about the process whereby Copenhagen was prepared for military life.

No one has pointed out that if you enjoyed Warhorses of Letters and wanted to hear podcasts from the live show where it was born, you can do that by going to iTunes and searching for “listen and often” or by visiting this link. No, wait, somebody has pointed that out.

(Again, to repeat, if you have tweeted, we have read. It’s been lovely of you apart from that one guy, but who cares what he thinks? Thank you.)

2 responses to “pretty pictures

  1. Ali Bannister November 4, 2011 at 1:04 am

    Lovely to see the picture, but no credit for the artist?

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