Warhorses of Letters

A gay, equine, military, epistolary romance for the ages


UPDATE 2, RE: ALL OF THE BELOW: Apparently it’s a bug on the site. They are working on sorting it out, but for now, if you get charged too much, try updating your basket – it should then show the correct price.


Sorry to anyone who tried to buy a signed hardback and was charged £20 instead of £15. The problem has now been rectified. The Warhorses book (and print, mug, embroidered horse blanket, pony trekking trip etc) can be found here.

(I’m assuming none of you actually paid £20 for a £15 hardback (unless you’re outside the UK and paid £5 for postage) but if you did please let us know.)

UPDATE: It seems there are still a few issues. I’m very sorry and trying to get it sorted asap. If you’re having any problems, please drop us a comment, or an email to warhorses@unbound.co.uk.

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