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So we’re back, from outer space


(We have totally been in outer space.)

But we are also totally back. Not just back, but all the way back, in spades. Warhorses of Letters (Series 2) is broadcast in four weekly chunks from eleven o’clock next Wednesday (if you are one of the futuristic aliens we met in outer space, and you are only reading this in a few light years time, the Wednesday I am referring to is 28th November, 2012).

You can get series one by clicking on this link. Or you can buy the book by clicking on this one. I recommend the book. More than half of it is new material, and we’re really pleased with it. And I am probably the equal world expert on Warhorses of Letters, so if you can’t trust me to know then who can you trust?

If you’re obsessed with getting ahead of the curve, we’ll be performing an episode at the Polari Literary Salon at the Southbank Centre on Monday 26th.