Warhorses of Letters

A gay, equine, military, epistolary romance for the ages

Happy New Warhorses

It has been a terrible while. If anyone ever sees this I shall be surprised and delighted.

1. Warhorses of Letters, Series 3, is on Radio 4 for four Sundays from January 12th at 19:15. We are currently editing it. Stephen Fry, Daniel Rigby and Tamsin Greig remain excellent, you will be shocked to learn. The recording this year was glamorous and transatlantic, because of Twelfth Night being on in NY.

2. In response to the most frequently asked question, we do not know when Series 2 will be available for download. The disintegration of AudioGo didn’t help, certainly. If you want to change things, write to the BBC. A very, very few letters or emails mean a great deal to them, you will be surprised to learn. You can complain to us as well, if you want, but there is nothing we can do, and when you complain, remember this: if we had our wish, Amazon would not be allowed to sell ANYTHING except for Warhorses of Letters in different formats, and maybe Gods Behaving Badly, The Kilburn Social Club and The Dazzle.

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